Ya Allah! Lead Us to Right Way! Feed us Right Knowledge!

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakathuhu

The Right Way Islamic School is the ever first ICSE Islamic School in Madurai. The Rightway Islamic School offers Muslims the opportunity to gain quality Academic Education with Islamic Knowledge within an excellent Islamic environment

  • To Serve The Humanity For The Sake Of Allah
  • To Pray To Almighty Allah On Behalf Of Umrah To Lead Us Right Way And To Feed Us Right Knowledge
  • To Take Effort To Achieve It
  • TO Uplift The Community Through Empowering The Children With Excellent Education And Noble Characters Through Islamic Studies.

  • To Heal the Moral sickness of the society
  • To fabricate the young generation with strong Islamic ideals.
  • To make them realize the responsibility for the society.
  • To reconstruct the inimitable community in the way of islaam

  • To wipe the illiteracy of our society and to empower it with of Education.
  • To carry out the mission without commercial concept
  • To inculcate the Islamic values through wonderful Islamic environment
  • To provide desirable balanced right education with a team of committed competent teachers and capable Islamic scholars.
  • To promote them moral, cultural, mental and physical development that prepares them to excel in this world and the hereafter.
  • To impact the sound academics and expose the necessary skills
  • Not only to educate the students but make them explode their talents and discover their merits.

Dear Friends, You make the world a better place
by making yourself a better person.
The aim of education reflects the current needs and aspirations of a society as well as its lasting values and human ideals. Learning is enriched both within school and outside school through direct experience and integrated with life.
Excellence in diverse areas should be recognized and rewarded. And it is children's responsiveness to what is taught rather than just their capacity to retrain it. Experience is not what happens to a child, it is what a child does with what happens to him/ her.
Ambition and aspiration will be fruitful when we work with a sense of direction. Each area of student’s life should be planned so that school can judge whether students are making progress. It is essential to provoke the hidden abundant talent that lies dormant by appropriate tools, so that the effectiveness of the student takes a giant leap. Catering to the needs of the students and shaping them to evolve as a prodigy is the ambition of our school.
Right Way Islamic School establishes a habit – pattern of confident and optimistic thinking. The optimistic way of thinking is in itself a powerful attribute in facing life’s challenges, in all its spheres. A technique of assertiveness is implemented to each child to improve the way the child could get along with people and communicate. Cultivating a healthy mind and taking care of the mind to achieve success are shown equal importance in Right Way Islamic School.
May success be yours in every event that you do.
With Almighty's blessing, you & your family will be wonderful people on the earth.

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